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The economy of Kazakhstan is currently the largest economy in Central Asia , and the second in the post-Soviet space (after Russia). Since January 1, 2015, Kazakhstan is a member of the Eurasian Economic Union.


The lawyers of our firm work with clients from various sectors of the economy of Kazakhstan.

Oil and gas sector

Kazakhstan occupies one of the leading places in the world in terms of oil reserves. Among the CIS countries, the state is also one of the leaders in terms of oil reserves and production in the region.  

The oil sector of Kazakhstan is represented by more than 200 fields, concentrated mainly in the west of the country. The number of companies and foreign investments in this sector is growing every year. All of these companies face numerous legal issues in the course of their activities, since the oil and gas business is subject to many regulatory requirements of Kazakhstani legislation, both in the course of day-to-day operations and in transactions, including transactions for the acquisition of subsoil use rights.

We advise oil and gas companies on a wide range of issues, including corporate, labor, tax, antitrust. We regularly represent clients from this sector in financial and M&A transactions.  


Knowing the peculiarities of activity in this sector allows us to give recommendations in terms of solving emerging legal problems in the shortest possible time and taking into account the intricacies of regulating this sector.

Минералы и камни

Energy and mining sector

The mining industry is one of the components of the foundation of the economy of Kazakhstan. It is on the extraction and primary processing of minerals that the domestic industry is focused.

The share of the mining sector in the total volume of investment in fixed capital is at the level of 40-50%.


Our lawyers advise various companies operating in the mining sector of Kazakhstan on a variety of transactional, corporate and litigation matters in Kazakhstan. We have advised Kazakhstani and foreign companies from this sector of the economy on mergers and acquisitions, on secured and unsecured syndicated financing by commercial banks and financial institutions, as well as on restructuring and reorganization issues.

We also have significant experience in advising and representing clients from this sector in capital raising transactions through both leveraged financing and capital markets. In addition, the experience of our lawyers includes, among other things, advising on financing the construction of energy infrastructure facilities as part of the implementation of large power generation projects. In particular, our lawyers provide legal support  activities of one of the largest uranium company, including corporate issues, issues of regulation of its activities, financing, issuance of securities, acquisition and disposal transactions.

Горные породы
Графическая Диаграмма

Banks and financial sector

At the present stage of development of the Kazakh economy, the financial sector of Kazakhstan has moved to a qualitatively new level of its  formations. Most of the reforms aimed at creating the basis for its successful functioning in the future have already been implemented. The financial system of Kazakhstan meets the main international standards. The most developed sector of the financial system is the banking sector.

Our lawyers are advisors to a wide range of financial institutions. They have been involved in major corporate financial transactions, mergers and acquisitions, IPOs and other debt and equity transactions. Among the clients of our lawyers are leading domestic and foreign banks, international financial institutions with which they worked on a variety of legal issues. Recently, we represented the interests of the largest international bank providing financing to a Kazakh holding for the construction of a plant.


Every year, the volume of investments in the infrastructure of Kazakhstan is increasing. Over the past 10 years, the total investment in the development of infrastructure and transport and logistics assets in Kazakhstan amounted to about $30 billion.

Our lawyers took an active part in the development of legislation in the field of regulation of the infrastructure sector in Kazakhstan.  We have been involved in the development of relevant legislation and have advised and represented a range of players involved in the acquisition, design, development, expansion and financing of major infrastructure assets.

Successful implementation of large-scale infrastructure projects requires legal advisors to understand the specifics of the industry, the interests of various stakeholders, and the many economic, political, social, and legal aspects that may arise during project implementation.  Our experience, knowledge and understanding of the industry allow us to provide our clients with highly professional and comprehensive legal support for transactions involving the implementation by our clients of the most complex infrastructure projects.  In particular, our lawyers advised the Almaty City Akimat and the EBRD on the development of the Almaty Light Rail Project (LRT), the first project of this magnitude to be implemented as a PPP in Kazakhstan.

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Industry and agriculture

Industry and agriculture  are important sectors of the country's economy.

In terms of grain production, for example, Kazakhstan ranks third in the CIS after Russia and Ukraine .

Our lawyers have advised large industrial and agricultural companies doing or planning to do business in Kazakhstan. Among them are legal entities involved in the aerospace and defense industries, automotive, manufacturing and technology, as well as agricultural producers, companies involved in the harvesting and storage of grain.  In the daily activities of these companies, a wide variety of legal issues arise, including regulation of production, corporate, labor, tax, immigration, as well as competition and environmental issues.  On all these issues, clients received the necessary recommendations in a timely manner.

Our firm's lawyers have been involved in acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions among companies in these sectors. For example, recently our lawyers provided legal support to a large Chinese holding company planning to invest in the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan.

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In Kazakhstan, the telecommunications sector, in general, and the legal regulation of this sector, in particular, are in a stage of dynamic development. Telecommunications companies often face unexpected legal challenges in their operations, which are also caused by rapidly changing industry regulations.

Our lawyers have represented the interests of large telecommunications companies in Kazakhstan in M&A transactions, fund raising, as well as advised on various corporate, tax, labor, compliance and antitrust issues. 

Sale Branding
Sale Branding

Consumer goods and trade

In Kazakhstan, the sphere of trade and production of consumer goods, as well as their import, is developing very rapidly. Our lawyers have experience in advising Kazakhstani and foreign clients operating in the field of consumer goods production. We have advised clients from these industries on various legal issues that arise in their daily activities, as well as in the course of mergers and acquisitions, raising financing, issuing and acquiring a complex business license (franchise).

Our lawyers also actively advise traders on a range of legal matters, including general corporate, employment, licensing, certification, intellectual property protection, trade rules and clearance of goods in accordance with legal requirements, judicial protection.   In particular, our lawyers represented the interests of the largest shopping center in Kazakhstan in litigation.

Healthcare, pharmaceuticals and education

The healthcare system in Kazakhstan is currently in the transition to a market economy, which raises numerous legal issues.  Also, one of the main strategic priorities of the state policy of Kazakhstan is the development of education and science, on which the rates of economic, social and cultural progress, as well as the level of competitiveness of the Kazakhstani economy, depend to a decisive extent.  The solution of these priorities requires legislative regulation and the development of many legal issues.

Our lawyers have knowledge and experience in healthcare and education. We advise on issues such as licensing, confidentiality, violation of obligations under supply contracts and distribution agreements, violation of the storage of personal data, violation of intellectual property rights, on various issues related to the registration of rights to movable and immovable property (including land, buildings / structures ), on tax issues, etc.


Our lawyers provided legal support to one of the largest universities in the United States, which is working with a leading university in Kazakhstan to develop study programs and related trainings.  Also among the clients of our lawyers is the US government organization in the field of medicine, which worked with medical institutions in Kazakhstan.

Линия по производству вакцин

Information Technology

Information technology is currently a priority sector in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan Information Technology Sector -  it is a dynamically growing market, which especially attracts investors.

We have extensive experience in representing interests and advising companies from the information technology sector.


A significant part of our practice in this area includes advising on the following issues: licensing, intellectual property, franchise agreements and other agreements related to the transfer and protection of trademarks, protection, storage and transfer of personal data (including cross-border) and privacy issues . In addition, we advise clients on various issues related to the regulation of cloud technologies and services.  


Among our clients was one of the largest international companies in the field of information technology, with which we worked together with government agencies in terms of Kazakhstan regulation of cloud technologies and intellectual property protection.

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